The company’s services

The company’s services

Sjöberg Improving Transitions – expertise in labour market transitions

The Society Perspective

Is there a lack of labour, and does transition in the labour market need to be analysed? Do the opportunities for adult learning systems need to be improved? Or do you need to know more about the latest developments in labour market transition?

I can help you with monitoring of the external environment, analysis, policy creation, and consultation.

In addition, I can perform comprehensive tasks in communication as well as work with opinion formation, public affairs, strategic communication, press, and public relations.

I am an experienced lecturer and moderator.

The Business and Organisation Perspective

Do you need help carrying out redundancies or organisational changes? I can help you with analysis, plans, and implementation.

At the leadership and management levels, I offer companies and organizations support in their change processes, reorganization, and restructuring through counselling, strategy, and analysis. All services are offered both in Sweden and abroad. I also offer guidance and advice in party issues and policy questions, perform interim assignments as manager and expert, and take a comprehensive approach to managing opinion formation, public affairs, and strategic communication.

The Individual Perspective

Managers and leaders receive guidance in transitions and change processes. Individuals can get support, coaching, mentoring, and special guidance on professional life changes such as redundancy.

“My ambition is to improve transitions in the labour market.”

Globalisation has changed the way we live and work. Restructuring of companies and organisations is constant, and automation and AI are transforming jobs and the workplace in significant ways. Some jobs will be lost, some jobs will be created – and most jobs will change or transform. The speed of change, however, will differ between sectors, between countries – and, not least of all, between companies. Lifelong learning is going to become more important than ever before. It is going to be crucial for all skills levels.

The need for transition is enormous within society, companies, and other organisations. And it is each individual who needs to embrace the changes and develop the ability to adapt. Many people will have to change not only their jobs but even their occupations.

A transition done well will be a win-win situation for everyone involved. As an expert with experience in companies and other organizations, and having been both an employee and an employer, I have extensive knowledge in how transitions are carried out.

My ambition is to improve transitions in the labour market.

Ann-Sofi Sjöberg

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