Sjöberg Improving Transitions – expertise in labour market transitions

I am an expert in labour market transitions. My motivation is to implement transitions sustainably and with a focus on people, whilst ensuring continued profitability and results that benefit the individual, the company, and society as a whole.

I offer services with three perspectives: the society perspective, the business and organisation perspective, and the individual perspective.

The Society Perspective

Is there a lack of labour, and does transition in the labour market need to be analysed? Do the opportunities for adult learning systems need to be improved? Or do you need to know more about the latest developments in labour market transition?

The Business and Organisation Perspective

Do you need help carrying out redundancies or organisational changes? I can help you with analysis, plans, and implementation.

The individual perspective

Managers and leaders receive guidance in transitions and change processes. Individuals can get support, coaching, mentoring, and special guidance on professional life changes such as redundancy.